up to LKR 10000

Loans up to LKR 10000

Instant cash loans in Sri Lanka have helped countless people in their financial emergencies. They have enabled them to keep their homes safe and raised their living standards. However, you should be aware of the charges associated with these loans. Therefore, it is important to choose a lender wisely. The fees and interest rates associated with instant cash loans are often quite high. You should only use them for emergency situations.

There are several different types of instant cash loans in Sri Lanka. You can opt for an unsecured personal loan from a friend or apply for a bank loan. However, these types of loans are still a little beyond the reach of the average Sri Lankan citizen. However, due to the recent scandals in the corporate sector, the demand for instant cash loans has increased.



  • Loan amount 1000 - 25000 LKR
  • Interest rate 0% per day
  • Term 7 - 30 days


  • Loan amount 5000 - 50000 LKR
  • Interest rate 0,6% per day
  • Term 10 - 30 days


  • Loan amount 10000 - 40000 LKR
  • Interest rate 0,33% per day
  • Term 122 - 182 days


  • Loan amount 5000 - 50000 LKR
  • Interest rate 1% per day
  • Term 90 - 180 days


  • Loan amount 2000 - 40000 LKR
  • Interest rate 0,5% per day
  • Term 121 - 183 days


  • Loan amount 5000 - 40000 LKR
  • Interest rate 0,03% per day
  • Term 90 - 120 days


  • Loan amount 5000 - 50000 LKR
  • Interest rate 0,6% per day
  • Term 30 - 180 days


  • Loan amount 1000 - 40000 LKR
  • Interest rate ----
  • Term 30 - 120 days

Another popular type of instant cash loan is a Payday Loan. Everyone has experienced the feeling of running out of money just before their next paycheck. If you need some money before payday, a short-term instant easy cash loan Sri Lanka is the best solution. You repay your loan when you get your next paycheck. The money is ready within 30 minutes.

Loan application

You can apply for an Online loan up to LKR 10000 with a few simple steps. All you need is a bank account, a national ID card, and a Sri Lankan mobile phone number. The application process is fast, and you can receive the money you need on the spot or on your card. Microfinance loans are the best solution for people who need some extra cash but don’t have access to a bank account. They can be acquired from online loan agencies, banks, and even official financial agencies. They are also faster than any other means of borrowing, and you can get cash on the spot, or an agreed amount on your card, without even leaving your home.

While the amount of cash you can borrow from an Online loan agency isn’t large, be aware of the terms and conditions of the loan you take out. It’s best to only borrow an amount that you can pay back without difficulty. This type of fast financial assistance is best used when an emergency arises and you don’t have other sources of funds.

There are several types of loans available through an Online loan agency, from personal loans to utility bills. These loans can be used for emergency situations, debt settlement, or a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. Generally, people with a poor credit history can apply for a small amount of money, and can pay it back as soon as they get paid. Those with good credit histories can take out larger loans.

Thousands of people have used online loan agencies to overcome financial difficulties. However, you should be sure that you need this loan badly and will be able to pay it off.

Terms and conditions

The LKR 10000 loan terms and conditions stipulate the terms and conditions under which the borrower is allowed to borrow money. The loan amount is not large, so people should consider their repayment capacity before borrowing money. These loans are meant to help people in an emergency and should not be a daily practice.

Interest rates

Interest rates on loans up to LKR ten thousand are shown below. Please note that these rates are indicative and do not represent a commitment to make a loan. They are provided as a guide to you and are subject to change daily. These rates are calculated by averaging a 30-year loan over three quarters of the period.

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