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  • No hidden condition
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There are many advantages of applying for a Lotus Loan. Besides being easy and convenient, these loans can be used for a wide variety of purposes. These loans are designed to be used by people who don’t have any other way to finance their business needs. This type of lending solution is particularly useful for women and those from underrepresented communities.

  • You can apply online loan with minimum requirements - you can get money within 1 day
  • Easy repayment options (bank or internet bank service)
  • Transparent terms
  • Enough fast application process - 5 minutes
  • Lot of good reviews you can find in Facebook
  • No collateral needed
  • Paperless - all documents only in e-format
  • Interest rate
  • Additional fees
  • No mobile applications
  • No information about late fees and interest rate

Terms and conditions of a lotus PTA/BTA service

If you want to use a Lotus PTA/BTA service to purchase foreign currency, you should first read the Terms and Conditions. This document should provide you with a clear picture of what is included and what is not included. Then you can determine whether you want to use this service.

The PTA is a nonprofit organization. The National PTA will assume the defense of any claim that may arise between the parties. The National PTA will be the exclusive party in defense of any claim. The PTA/BTA service is a nonprofit service, and the Terms and Conditions are a part of it.

How to apply for a Lotus Loan

LotusLoan is an online financial institution that helps people get financing, even if they need it immediately. With its risk scoring system, it can evaluate each case in a matter of minutes. Its main goal is to improve the lives of its borrowers. The company offers unsecured loans to individuals in Sri Lanka. To apply, you must have an active online banking account. LotusLoan will send you an SMS when the money has been approved.

Lotus car online cash loan in Sri Lanka are available for a variety of purposes. Some people prefer to lease a Lotus car, rather than take out a loan to pay for the purchase. You can also find leasing deals through a Lotus dealership. Some of these deals are better than others, depending on your circumstances.

Loan parameters
  • Loan amount
    10000 - 40000 LKR
  • Interest rate
    0,33% per day
  • Term
    122 - 182 days

Online lending platform offering quick and easy personal loans

Online lending platforms have risen dramatically in recent years. Moreover, they now provide a variety of loan options, including personal loans with bad credit. This type of loan is ideal for those who have low credit scores, and the qualifications for these loans are often less strict than those of traditional lending institutions. In fact, they are often more likely to approve people with bad credit, although they will typically charge higher interest rates. Hence, it is vital to compare rates, origination fees, and prepayment penalties before committing yourself to one particular loan company.

While there are several types of personal loans available online, some are more suitable for bad credit borrowers than others. With no minimum income requirements and low credit score requirements, these loans are ideal for individuals who have poor credit scores and don’t have a credit history. Moreover, they can be used for various purposes, including debt consolidation or home improvements. However, it is essential to find a personal loan with affordable monthly repayments.

The benefits of personal loans include easy access to money, lower interest rates, and a convenient application process. However, these loans are not without their drawbacks. Personal loans are unsecured, meaning that you do not have to put up collateral. However, if you have bad credit, secured loans are better options because they require collateral, such as property or cars. Secured personal loans can help you get out of debt quickly.

Lotus Loan
  • Age 20 to 65 years old
  • Sri Lanka citizen or permanent resident
  • Currently employed or with a steady income
  • Terms 30-180 days
  • Credit/Debit card
  • Bank account

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Meet Chamara
31 March 2024
I took out an online loan quickly and easily. The process only took a few minutes and I was able to quickly resolve my financial issues without any extra paperwork.
Kamal Jayawardena
22 November 2023
Lotus's flexible repayment options were a major benefit, allowing me to plan my finances without stress. Also, their interest rates were quite competitive compared to other options I considered.
Ratnapura Rocket
11 April 2023
I am grateful for Lotus assistance during a financial crisis. Fast, efficient, and reliable.
Tharindu Jayalath
02 January 2023
It is very convenient and easy to get the right amount in extremely necessary situations!
01 December 2022
I am very glad that there is an opportunity to take loans remotely and not go anywhere. I take, as a rule, small amounts, so that I know for sure that I will pay them. I pay, and if necessary, I leave the application again.
Ruwan Dassanayake
Ruwan Dassanayake
I had to take a loan, it was issued quickly, it was paid on time, the percentage was minimal.
Vijay Kumaratunga
Vijay Kumaratunga
I took a loan for a period of 35 days. There are no complaints. He clearly explained all the conditions and quickly received the money on the card.
Jatin Mall
Jatin Mall
I urgently needed a small amount of LKR 1000 for a week. My friends didn\'t have that kind of money. Found this site and applied for a loan. Good conditions and did not even have to leave the house.
Roshen Anula
Roshen Anula
When I urgently needed money, service helped me instantly find the best offer.
Thanks for the quick help! I applied for an online loan for the first time, and was pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of the process. No complicated formalities, everything is clear and fast. I liked that there was an opportunity to choose a convenient return period. I recommend to all!
Sameera Chaminda
Sameera Chaminda
Everything is easy and very fast!
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