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Cashwagon Loan
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Phone number: (+94) 11 74 63 100

Cashwagon is a fintech company based in the Philippines that focuses on online consumer finance. The company offers an instant loan and offers low interest rates and late payment fees. The company has a number of different products. These include online consumer financing, payday loans, and lines of credit. The company also offers an option for debt consolidation.

  • All process is online
  • Quick money in 60 minutes after application
  • High interest rate for the repeated loan
  • Fines, penalties, fees if borrower didn´t pay on time

Instant loans

Cashwagon is a web-based company that offers instant loans. To apply, you just need to fill up an online form and provide some personal details. Your SSS number is required, as well as your contact information. For your convenience, you can also use Cashwagon’s mobile app to verify your information. Once you’ve entered all of the information required, you can simply wait for a call confirming your approval. The Cashwagon team aims to call you within three to five minutes.

Cashwagon’s repayment process is similar to most other types of loans. You’ll make monthly payments to the company, plus interest. You can pay the loan back through the company’s vast network of payment options, including mobile payments and personal accounts. If you have a payment problem, you can also call the company to get a more detailed explanation. You can also view your bill in progress directly on the Cashwagon website.

Cashwagon is a great option for people with bad credit, because the application process is quick and easy. The entire process only takes a few minutes, and you don’t need a bank account to get approved. Unlike many traditional bank accounts, Cashwagon doesn’t require any collateral, so it’s a safe option for anyone looking for emergency cash. You can even borrow up to 20 units of cash at a time.

Once you’ve signed up for Cashwagon, you can begin using their mobile app to apply for your loan. You must provide accurate information, and make sure to follow their verification guidelines. Remember that you should never give false information because it will cause you to be turned down for the best online loan Sri Lanka. Then, you can read through and sign the credit agreement. Once approved, you’ll get your money, and you’ll receive a copy of your contract via email.

Low interest rate

Cashwagon is an online consumer financing company that offers fast and easy access to small loans. The application process is free and takes just minutes to complete. In addition to offering low interest rates, Cashwagon does not require any other fees, including processing fees or miscellaneous fees. The company also offers 24 hour customer service. Whether you are applying for a small loan or a larger one, Cashwagon can help you find the right option for your situation.

To qualify for a Cashwagon loan, you must be a Sri Lanks citizen or permanent resident. You also need to have a stable internet connection to qualify for a loan. Once you meet these requirements, you can apply for your loan via the Cashwagon website or mobile app.

Loan parameters
  • Loan amount
    5000 - 50000 LKR
  • Interest rate
    0,6% per day
  • Term
    30 - 180 days

You can repay your Cashwagon loan in instalments or in full. Regardless of the amount you borrowed, it’s important to keep your repayment schedule and follow all deadlines. You can also deposit your loan amount in cash or check at a bank branch. The Cashwagon app makes it easy to check your balance and stay up to date on repayments.

Cashwagon is a consumer finance company that focuses on delivering quick and easy loans to consumers online. Its easy-to-use loan application process means less waiting time and no complicated approval processes. The company offers a 10-day money guarantee and low interest rates. They are also transparent, so you won’t have to worry about hidden fees or charges.

Cashwagon is an international company, you can apply for a loan in just 10 minutes. You can also pay using your mobile phone. The company is locally incorporated and licensed in the Philippines, which makes it a great choice for those seeking financing.

It has late payment fees

When you borrow money through Cashwagon, you will be required to repay it in full or in stages, depending on the term you have chosen. The repayment process is quick and easy, and you can pay via your bank card, mobile app, or a bank branch. You should save your repayment receipt until you receive confirmation from Cashwagon. You can also repay your loan through one of Cashwagon’s merchant partners. You can check the list of partners in the app or website.

The application process is easy: you must fill out an online form with your personal details, including your email and bank account information. The online form is one of the easiest ways to get approved, and it walks you through the process step by step. You must be at least 20 years old and have a stable source of income. You can borrow up to LKR 5000. The repayment period is 30 days.

The Cashwagon progress application process is simple: it consists of a few simple questions about your career and finances. The system also gives you an impression of the candidate. You will be able to sign the contract within five units, and you will receive an email or text proof within ten days. Once you’re approved, you’ll receive a look-alike agreement from the company with your repayment terms and conditions.

Cashwagon is an online loan provider. However, you need to make sure that you choose the right product and borrow from a reputable company. You do not need to be a resident of the Philippines to apply for a loan through Cashwagon.

Its application process is quick and requires minimal documentation. Once approved, the funds will be directly transferred into your bank account or debit card. But the catch is that your loan repayment period is short and the interest rate is high. You can borrow up to LKR 50000 and get up to 30 days to repay it.

To apply for a loan with Cashwagon, simply fill out the online application form. Be sure to include your SSS number and contact information. In most cases, you will need to provide a reference from a co-worker. However, if you don’t have one, you can always provide a reference from a family member or friend. You will also need to provide a phone number for SMS verification. The company will then call you to verify your information. Once the process is complete, you will receive an SMS confirming that you have been approved.

Cashwagon Loan
  • Age 20 to 65 years old
  • Sri Lanka citizen or permanent resident
  • Currently employed or with a steady income
  • Terms 30-180 days
  • Credit/Debit card
  • Bank account

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Isuru Jayawardena
03 January 2023
I took an urgent loan, I needed money for treatment. I liked the conditions and speed of processing a request for a loan.
Michael Ondaatje
12 December 2022
Fast, simple and convenient - this is the most important thing. A high percentage of approval, me and my friends are constantly approved.
Thank you for your help in a difficult situation! Online loans are a quick solution when money is needed urgently. The application process took no more than 10 minutes, and the money came to the card quickly. Thank you for your promptness and understanding! Will definitely use again in the...
Lalinda Goonewardena
Lalinda Goonewardena
The site is purely a rating, you choose what suits you best.
Thanks for the quick help! I applied for an online loan for the first time, and was pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of the process. No complicated formalities, everything is clear and fast. I liked that there was an opportunity to choose a convenient return period. I recommend to all!
Ruwan Dassanayake
Ruwan Dassanayake
I had to take a loan, it was issued quickly, it was paid on time, the percentage was minimal.
Palihana Mahanama
Palihana Mahanama
I decided to take a microcredit. You simply opened the site and applied for a cardless loan online almost instantly!
Vijay Kumaratunga
Vijay Kumaratunga
I took a loan for a period of 35 days. There are no complaints. He clearly explained all the conditions and quickly received the money on the card.
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